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Book Review: Blogging For Fame and Fortune

Blogging For Fame and Fortune CoverHave you ever tried to read a book and been stopped, not by poor content, but by poor editing?

That’s the problem I’ve had with reading Blogging for Fame and Fortune by Jason R. Rich. I’m about halfway through chapter 4 out of 14 chapters and I just can’t seem to get into it. I’ve leafed through it quite a bit and there appears to be some great information there. I just can’t read it. There are too many spelling and grammar errors. I’ve found as many as four of them on a single page.

The name of the publisher is Entrepreneur Press. I’ve looked at their website and they seem to have a variety of books published, but not having read any of them, I have no idea if the editing issue is a problem with this book alone or an issue with the publisher in general.

All I know is a potentially great book has been ruined by poor editing and it’s a shame.

If, unlike me, you’re the type of person who can read a good book in spite of poor editing and you’re interested in starting a new blog or improving an existing blog, you might find this book very helpful. There is plenty of information on how to get started, how to drive traffic to your blog and how to start making money.

One thing this book does not promise you is a quick trip to fame and fortune. The author makes it clear that blogging for fame and fortune takes time and hard work. I give the author credit for that. There are too many books and other information products out there promising instant internet fortune without lifting a finger. It’s refreshing to find an author who tells you the truth about what it takes to succeed without crushing your dream of getting there.

If you’re going to read this book, that’s a pretty good reason to do so.

I’d like to hear what you think.

  • Have you read this book? Did you like it?
  • Do you have trouble reading books with lots of errors?

I’ve told you What Ven Thinks. Please leave a comment and tell me what YOU think.

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  1. By Barbara Swafford on

    Hi Ven,

    Although I haven’t read a book that is poorly edited, I’d be reluctant to continue reading if I encountered that situation.

    I haven’t heard of the blogging book you reviewed, but like you said, it’s good to know the author doesn’t promise we can become rich overnight with blogging.

    Before I started blogging I read how Steve Pavlina and Darren of Problogger didn’t begin to see results of their efforts until around year two, so I knew what I was in for. I also factored in how they started when blogging wasn’t all that popular. For myself, I see success with blogging as a long term goal and know someday the rewards will surface.

    Happy Blogging Ven. I wish you well on your new endeavors. 🙂
    Barbara Swafford recently posted..They Lied There Is No King

    1. By Ven (Post author) on

      Thank you, Barbara.

      I found the book when it came up in a search I was doing on Amazon.com for something else. The title caught my eye and when I scanned the contents through the “look inside” feature, it seemed to have a lot of good information, so I bought a copy. It’s just the poor editing that throws me off when trying to read it.

      The author’s honesty and obvious knowledge about the subject is its redeeming value and the main reason I don’t throw the book away. I’ll probably never read it from cover to cover like I normally would, but it’s handy to have around for looking up some quick information.

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