July 29

Blog Policies & Guidelines

Affiliate Disclaimer

What Ven Thinks! is supported through advertisements and affiliate relationships. This means that links within my posts may be affiliate links that result in a small commission being paid to me for referring you to that product. This also means that I may, sometimes, be presented with a free product or compensation in exchange for my reviews and/or referrals.

However, under no circumstances will I ever give a recommendation or review based on receiving compensation. All reviews and recommendations are 100% honest opinions based on my personal experiences with the product and the personal experiences of people I know and trust.

I will not compromise my integrity or the integrity of this website in exchange for any amount of money. If you have any questions about an advertisement, review, referral, or link on this site, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

If you like this site and are planning to purchase a product I have recommended or reviewed, please consider purchasing through my affiliate links. It does not alter the price you pay for the product in any way (some may even offer a discount), but each commission helps in covering the costs of keeping this site going.

If you are interested in advertising on this site or have a product you would like me to review, please contact me with the details. Just keep in mind that all reviews, positive or negative, will be completely honest and you will not receive a refund if you do not like the review you receive. I reserve the right to refuse any request for advertisements, reviews and referrals, for any reason.

Comment Policy

I love comments on my blog. They are just as important, if not more so, than the posts themselves. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I want to hear what you have to say. I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, so any comment that follows the rules will not be removed, regardless of how I feel about the comment. I am open to opposing viewpoints, constructive criticism, contributions to the topic and, of course, compliments as long as they follow these guidelines:

  • Please use a real name or nickname in the name field, not just keywords. KeywordLuv is used on this blog, so entering your name as MyName@MyKeywords is acceptable. Any names that consist of just keywords may be considered spam and be removed.
  • Please enter a valid email address in the email field. Your email address will not be published, shared, or sold under any circumstances. It may be used to contact you privately concerning your comment.
  • Please be respectful to everyone. Do not post comments containing offensive or inappropriate language. Rudeness, name-calling, personal attacks, and offensive behavior will result in your comments being deleted. If inappropriate behavior persists, you may be banned from commenting entirely.
  • Please leave comments that add something to the conversation. Compliments are wonderful, but comments with nothing more than “nice post” or “great blog” may be considered spam and be deleted. I understand that readers often leave comments to earn backlinks to their own blogs. That is why I use CommentLuv on this site. If you add your site address to the website field, you will automatically receive a backlink for your comment. All I ask in exchange is that you contribute to the conversation and don’t just take up space.
  • Links are allowed within comments if they are relative to the post and contribute to the conversation. Please limit links in your comment to no more than one or two and DO NOT SPAM.
  • Anyone who violates this policy will have their comment deleted and may be blocked from making future comments.
  • I reserve the right to edit or remove any comment from this blog for any reason. If you have questions concerning the removal of a comment, please contact me.
  • All comments submitted to this blog are the responsibility of the commenter and not the owner of this blog. I am not liable for any repercussions, damages, or liabilities that occur as a result of any comments other than my own.
  • Trackbacks are considered comments and are subject to these guidelines.

Privacy Policy

I respect the privacy of everyone who visits my blog. The following guidelines are followed at all times.

  • Names, email addresses and other contact information will NEVER be published, shared or sold under any circumstances.
  • Names and email addresses submitted via comments will ONLY be used to contact you if there are issues concerning the comment. You will not receive solicitations, advertisements, newsletters, or similar materials as a result of submitting a comment.
  • I am not responsible for the privacy policies of any sites that are linked to or mentioned in posts, comments, or other content on this site. You are responsible for reviewing the privacy policy of each website you visit.
  • I reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time. If you have questions concerning my privacy policy, please contact me.