May 31

5 Ways Twitter Will Improve Your Writing

  1. Twitter encourages you to be more creative. The constant exposure to the creative tweets of others and feedback from your own followers will inspire you to find exciting new ways to express yourself. Challenge yourself to write those awesome tweets that make fellow tweeters take notice.
  2. Twitter forces you to be more concise. Writers by nature tend to write long, flowing paragraphs. Twitter’s short 140 character limitation will teach you to get the same message across in fewer words. Leave the flowing descriptions in your journal and pack your tweets with punch.
  3. Twitter improves your editing skills. For most writers, it will be nearly impossible to write that perfect tweet in one shot. Instead, write your thoughts out in detail then edit, edit, edit, cutting out the fluff and picking the right words until you’ve whittled your message down to perfection.
  4. Twitter will improve your vocabulary. Part of the editing process will be learning how to pick just the right words to get your meaning across without wasting space on unnecessary adjectives and adverbs.
  5. Twitter is an amazing source for learning grammar, punctuation and clear writing skills in short bursts. Just follow some of these Twitterers and learn something new every day: @GrammarROCKS, @GrammarMonster, @GrammarMonkeys and @AdviceToWriters
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